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Division of Research Safety

Current Lab Safety Personnel (10/2016)

  • Beckman Institute (rooms 3738, 3710, 3732, 3724, and 3367)
    Lab Manager: Kali Miller
    Safety: Shiyan Zhang
    Chemical Waste: Yeong-Hui Seo
    Bulk Orders: Eric Epstein
    Nanostrip/HF: Christain Ocier
    Laser Lab: Daniel Bacon-Brown
  • ESB: 244-8107 (154 & 155) & 333-6779 (160)
    Safety:  Jin Gu Kang
    Chemical Waste:  Ashish Kulkarni & Sanghyeon Kim
    Acid Hood:  Junjie Wang
    Lab Manager:  Kaitlin Tyler